Friday, December 21, 2012

Take Care of Yourself

The holidays can be overwhelming or the most lonely season of the year. Whatever your circumstances, make the time to do the things that bring you happiness and provide you with a little extra comfort during the cold season. You are not being self-centered. Think of it as self-survival. You have put up with the pain and unexpected symptoms of fibromyalgia all year long. It’s time to focus on your own special needs. Consider these self-help tips: • Sit in a hot tub or sauna to warm up and relax. • Take a long hot bath, but make it special with scented candles, tub pillows or other bathtub comforts. • Give plenty of hugs (and receive them as well) to the special people in your life. If hugging hurts, then just give a snuggle. • Spend quiet time each day reading a book or an entertaining magazine, while sipping a special herbal tea or hot cocoa. • Get your family to help with cleaning all pillow casings and blankets, then surround your bed and favorite couch with them to put a little extra comfort in your life ... and if you share with your family, they will thank you for the great idea. • Liberally use your hot wraps and heating pads. Don't worry about looking fashionable. Just throw a scarf over your wrap and put your comfort first. • If you are hosting guests, close the bedroom door and take a short nap everyday (unless your company is under the age of 12, they can manage without you for a while). Take care of yourself this holiday season and throughout the New Year.

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