Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Days of My Life....


Today has been a horrible day. I woke up this morning with vertigo and it has not gone  away My doctor believes it is being cause by one of the 23 medications I am on  I however, I do not. Every time I get a migraine, two or three days prior I have problems with vertigo and dizziness.  I have not been able to get in to see her due to issue with my health benefits but that should be fixed shortly and when it is I will definitely go in. In the meantime I have been keeping track of when I get a migraine and what is occurring  before. I write it down so I can share the pattern with my doctor.My fibro is flaring up big time..in a lot of pain, skin sensitives are in full bloom, and for some reason my mouth is broke out with tiny bumps and it hurts to eat anything.  I can feel a headache coming on...just what I wanted!  The hard part is when others see me..they think  I am fine...but I am not,. When I get up I have to hold onto things because I feel as though I am going to go down. On top of my issue my husband is also disabled...has been for almost ten years...and lately he has been having some pretty bad days..needless to say, I get the brunt of it...I can take quite a bit before I loose it..Lately though my loosing it is immediately crying...oh boy that really causes friction.  Any way enough complaining...I did get my blog redone, and added some pictures...I am pretty happy with it..I have turned the TV to mute and am listening to Yanni, a new age artist...it really help to calm me.  And the house is quiet....can't ask for more...Here are two thoughts.....I am continually working on both!   Good night all, sleep loose as a goose!

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Fibromyalgia Awareness Day May 12, 2013
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