Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Illnesses

About fifteen years ago[around 1998], I was an highly qualified teacher, who was doing staff development, training in special projects, and had some of the highest test scores around.   I stayed as late as needed to help students, putting my family off, and not taking time for myself.  There was an unbalance to my life.  During all this, I first had my hypothyroidism diagnoised. I was put on thyroid medication.   Also during this time I began having panic attacks so I was put on antidepressant.  Then I had ischemic colitis I was put on a bland diet and lost some weight. My doctor said I had a lazy esphosgus and had to take very small bites.   I would choke easily.  I was also diagnoised with acid reflux.   Then the disc between my neck and upper back blew and I had to have surgery.  I was off work for three months I tried to find someone that would diagnois me with fibromyalgia. I had researched the syndrome and knew that I fit all the criteria, however it took me another four years to find the doctor that I think of as a friend. My Rheumatoid doctor,  diagnoised me with fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, and chronic fatigue syndrome. This was in 2002-2003.  The next year, then the neurocardiogenic syncope hit. In 2005, I had to go on medical leave because it was not safe to be in class and fainting.  It took my cardiologist a year to determine what the cause was to my fainting all the time.  I would go down about 5 times a day. Each time I went down, there was a chance I would not get back up.  In 2006,  almost 7 years to the date,  I had to have a pacemaker put in.  That pacemaker stopped me from fainting.  The fall of 2006 I went back to work. I applied for a new position, Literacy Coach.  I got that position and was in it for two years before the moeny ran out and they closed the position. While I was coaching teachers, I was diagnoised with diabetes.  Then I had been diagnoised with gastroneuropathy and neuropathy of my hands and feet. I then went back into the classroom and that is when I began having difficulty with my job.  I had never had a bad preformance review. The next year I did.  Work has gone downhill ever since then.  I am now on admin leave and trying to come to some resolution that doesn't mean firing me. I cannot say more than that, since the case is still open.  I can say that my fibroymyalgia is worse from the last four years and I have been having really bad dizzy spells since then too. My health deterioated during the last four years and I am adjusting to not being able to do things I used to with ease. Such as, spelling, remembering things, being focused, etc...I will blog again, but right now my hands are hurting and I need to stop!  

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Fibromyalgia Awareness Day May 12, 2013

Fibromyalgia Awareness Day May 12, 2013
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